Prince & Princess Safari Zebra Print Dog Collars



Prince & Princess Safari Zebra Print Dog Collars

A choc brown dog collar in an unusual design with panels cut away to reveal striking zebra print underneath. Fully adjustable with 5 buckle holes, a roller buckle, a strong D-ring for attaching the lead, and a central charm ring for an ID Tag or charm.

  • Available in size 11″ to 13 ⅜”
  • Strong D-ring for attaching a lead
  • Central charm ring for an ID Tag or charm
  • Fully adjustable roller buckle with 5 buckle holes
  • Always measure your dogs neck as they do vary but as a guide sizes are as below
  • Size 11″ to 13 3/8″ – suitable for the average Shih Tzu, Mini Poodle, Mini Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise.

Further helpful information on the sizing of dog collars

All Prince & Princess dog collars are sized in inches from the first to the last hole.

For a perfect fit, select a collar size range that your dog’s neck measurement sits in the middle of. For example if your dog’s neck measurement was 14″, then a 12-16″ sized collar will provide a perfect fit. If your dog’s neck measurement was 16″ we would recommend getting the next size up, a 16-18″.

When choosing a collar for a puppy remember to choose one that is fully adjustable and provides lots of growing room to ensure comfort. All Prince & Princess dog collars have five or more buckle holes so you can find a snug and comfortable fit.

Although it is recommended that you should always measure your pet before purchasing a new collar you may wish to check the breed guide for an idea of what size your pet will need.

Still a perfect fit? After wearing a new collar for a short time, check your dog’s neck. If your dog has any redness or hair loss under the collar then adjust the collar to make it bigger. It is especially important to regularly check the fit of a puppy’s collar, as they can out-grow a collar very quickly.

Additional information

Zebra Print Dog Collar

Neck 11" to 13 ⅜", Width 2cm


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