Made By Cleo Cat Collar Candy Hearts – Multi-coloured Hearts on White & Mint


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Made by Cleo Cat Collar Candy Hearts – Multi coloured Hearts on White & Mint

Made by Cleo Cat Collar Candy Hearts is 1/2″ wide with an adjustable length of 8 to 13 inches, suitable for an adult cat.

It has a resilient safety breakaway buckle that will not pop open too easily – Breakaway / Safety Buckle — (typical for cats). This type of fastener automatically releases with a hard tug so the pet can slip free in an emergency.

The bell shown in the picture is removable but is recommended to warn birds of your cat’s presence.

Made by Cleo have an emphasis on balancing comfort & durability with a clean look (i.e. no loose threads or scratchy bits). Their collars are strong, lightweight and proudly handmade in the USA.

It really is a very pretty collar. Multi coloured hearts along the length of the collar on a white back ground, with a mint green lining. Candy is the American name for sweets and that is exactly what this collar is “sweet”.

We are proud to say that The House of Mouse are the only UK suppliers for Made By Cleo. And you can rest assured your fur-baby will certainly be unique as we are not bulk buying any one design.

If this is the first collar you have bought your cat you may need to introduce it gradually.


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