The Paws Lishinu 3m Retractable Dog Lead




The Paws Lishinu 3m Retractable Dog Lead

This innovative dog lead straps safely onto either wrist, keeping both of your hands-free at all times. Using skydiving cord, this extendable lead offers maximum strength for dogs who weigh up to 30kg. The auto-locking mechanism completely removes the need for a button and at the same time lets you keep full control with simple movements of your hand and body. Keep fit with your pooch by going jogging or go shopping (we recommend you never leave your pooch tied up outside a shop unattended), hold hands with your loved one, tie your shoes, open doors or carry bags. Simple tasks remain simple with the Lishinu retractable dog lead but still allow your pooch some space to move with the 3-metre lead length. This Dog Lead is made in Europe and comes in 6 vibrant colours so you can colour co-ordinate to match your outfits.

Key features:

  • Use as a hand lead, strap on wrist or short lead (50cm)
  • 3m long retractable dog lead
  • Compact and durable housing
  • Skydiving cord for maximum strength
  • Auto-locking mechanism for maximum safety
  • Wearable on the wrist freeing both hands
  • Available in 6 standard colours

Additional information


Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, White


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