About The House of Mouse

finallogo201Welcome to the House of Mouse Dog & Cat Emporium

The shop is named after Mouse our rescued Jack Russell Terrier, her picture is the logo. She quality checks and tests many of the products. Mouse is now assisted by her adopted fur-sister Minnie. Minnie is from Romania and Mouse is enjoying showing her the ropes.

We decided to set up this shop because we found while looking for quirky, quality items for Mouse, that unless we went abroad many items in the UK were often bulk bought cheaply, poorly made, sold on expensively and did not last.

Each time we went on holiday we would hunt around finding pet shops to buy souvenirs for Mouse and were never disappointed. Whilst doing this we came up with the idea that we would not be the only fur baby parents that would be doing this. Some people would not have the opportunity of going abroad to be able to bring items back for their pets. So, we have hopefully found some items that you will agree fit the bill.

We are starting small but as we expand we will not be losing sight of the quality we desire and expect from our suppliers.

On our travels we are also in the pursuit of unique boutique style quality cat items because we are also dedicated cat lovers, and all our fur babies deserve a bit of luxury.

New products will be added to the shop, as we find them, but rest assured – we will not be bulk buying. Many of our products are handmade and to a high standard. Some of our products are only available through us as we are the sole UK suppliers.

This means that many of the items will be unique with only a few in stock at any one time. If there is anything you want but it isn’t in stock just contact us and tell us what you want we will do our best to get it for you.

We are constantly price checking and many of our products and P&P are cheaper than elsewhere.

We can guarantee our customers that we will not be purchasing any products we would not use for Mouse (everyone that knows us will know our world revolves around The Mouse!).

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